Printer shenanigans

Anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to print things at Willamette knows the feeling of sending something through WUPrint only to learn that the printer they sent it to was out of paper, low on toner, or just didn’t feel like printing anything. However, there’s more to these failures than meets the eyes. The various employees who tend to the printers across campus have noticed some patterns. “Try sending a file with the name ‘final draft’ in and all of the paper in the printer  mysteriously disappears,” explained Robert Cumpfrey, a worker at the library. “It doesn’t matter if you just refilled it, it’s all gone.” Another student worker, Gabriella Zolkasten from the WLS in Ford, noticed that between classes the printers in ford refuse to work until they get magenta toner. “It makes no sense,” said Gabriella, “these printers don’t even print color. There’s nowhere to put a magenta cartridge!” She then opened the printer to show us that, indeed, there was only a physical location for a single cartridge. A special committee has been formed in WITS to look into this. More as the story progresses.

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