Literature: Sonic’s Ultimate Harem by Lil Knucklez

Sonic’s Ultimate Harem, by Lil Knucklez, is one of those stories that really shows how beautiful love can be. Running for over two hundred chapters, the story shows a deep emotional bond between sonic and his hundreds of partners, and definitely does not only focus on the physical aspect of love.
The story contains dense, meaningful, emotional descriptions of the many aspects of love. Nothing showed more passion and emotion than, when in the middle of lovemaking with Rosalina, Sonic told her “your request has been accepted,” or when Sonic commented “you got a nice ass Peach, I forgot to tell you that” while friend-banging Princess Peach. One of its most notable aspects is the use of normality for juxtaposition. The phrase “returned to kissing in the normal fashion” implies a special relationship that has just faded slightly, only to be rekindled at the completion of lovemaking.
Truly, Sonic’s Ultimate Harem is a masterpiece of modern literature. It shows such a deep, mature understanding of sexuality and emotion.

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