Literature: More Than Just Friends (A Sonic Fanfic), by Djmonty9000

Set in an alt world past, this retelling of the classic ‘good friends going on to be something more’ story features a very mature and well thought out look into the social aspects of hidden, constrained romantic homosexual longing in a world where it would never be accepted.

            Set in Chao High School, this forbidden young romance between the shy and nervous Miles (also known as Tails) and the popular student Sonic (known to his friends as “Blue”). Djmonty9000 does a good job at subtly implying from who’s eyes we are seeing events by writing “Tails’ POV” and “Sonic’s POV” depending on which better fits the scenario. Unfortunately, like so many great works of art, the artist chose to leave this work unfinished, but not before complaining about Spanish class and the number of different clauses in Spanish. Truly a great read for those who appreciate enlightened authorship.

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